Breaking Pledges

UP High Run

My pledge for 2014 was 1,200 total km and 1 half-marathon race each month. I happily accomplished a half-marathon early on at the Cebu City Marathon (02:xx:xx) last Jan 12, but didn’t really run or train after that.


Looking at a goal I set in RunKeeper. I’ve had 34km (including CCM) in the bank for the year, which is just a pity 3% of my total pledged. With 1,200km ahead of me, I need at least 100km a month, or more than the distance of 2 full marathons per month.

Sounds daunting, right? Well, it isn’t exactly. In a 30-day calendar month, this is just 3.33km per day, something I consider a walk in the park, modesty aside. This also tells me that the key is religiously following a training plan, and earn mileage as I go along. Running, as I learned from my first full marathon, is not like a university exam. It’s something you can’t cram.

And with that, I breaked my pledge of 1 half-marathon per month as I’ve a finished 2nd half-marathon for the year last weekend at UP Run High. Before anything else, I better go ahead and say that it took me a very unimpressive time of 02:44:25, my 2nd worst time after SM2SM 21K last year.

As part of the race review, there were ample water stations, and enough kilometer marks along the way, something that even the biggest running events (those organized by RunRio or even KOTR!) can’t provide. The route is a very comfortable varying terrain around the city, but not a single section of it is closed to traffic. It started right on time (4:30AM), distance is accurate, and provided quick carbo at the finish line.

Possibly the only reason why I joined this race is because it has something to do with UP (and its students), and their unique rule of medals for the first 200 finishers only.

In paper, this event definitely sounds a competitive one. I haven’t joined any race with this way of giving out medals. MILO, on the other hand, is another competitive race that I make sure I give my best since they have a cut-off time, but medals for a limited number of people gives a more competitive atmosphere among runners because in this set-up, you have to look at everyone else in the field. You don’t just necessarily have to beat the time, but you have consider your positioning, which means every other runners ahead of you.

Sadly, it is almost the case for UP Run High, only that very few runners participated. So few that with my time as bad as that, I still earned a medal. I’m not complaining though. A medal is still a medal. 🙂


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