The Pledge

January 13, 2014

In late 2013, I promised myself to run a half-marathon distance every month of 2014. I’ve been actually running for a couple of years now, have finished 2 full marathons and several halfs, but they’re all sporadic. My full marathons is separated by 2 years (in 2011 and 2013), and I run every now and then, always getting off-season when some other things caught my attention.

I guess writing about it on the web would give me the extra push (and shame) when I get lazy. This site would probably contain race reports, training plans, and reviews of gadgets or gears for running.

This year, I’ve decided to dedicate even more of myself in this challenge. I’m aiming for new PRs, new experiences, more lessons, and discover and reach my limitations as a runner.

A lot of people I know wonder why I enjoy running. Thinking about it, it was not hard for them to reach that conclusion. Who in his right mind would embark on a self-inflicted, physically and emotionally grueling task of running thousands of meters, usually starting and ending at the same place anyway? And you even have to pay for it! Many consider it boring and dull, doing the same motion again and again for hours.

So, here’s my take. Long-distance running is a test of endurance, and as humans, this is one of the most important character to survival. Have you ever wondered how long can you last doing something? Running is an addictive sports because it’s progressive. You start with a short fun run of 5K, then you feel wanting and jumped to 10K, and so on. You learn a lot about yourself, and then suddenly, you just feel extremely curious with the effectiveness of a training plan you religiously followed. It’s a stress reliever, and finding it dull is actually a case in point! For a moment in your life, running will clear your mind and you will think of nothing else, leaving thousands of things to worry away. It is in this moment that it’s just you, the road, and the finish line.


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